System requirements Valorant

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel i3-370M
Video Card: Intel HD 3000 1GB VRAM




The game project is made in the genre of an online shooter in a first-person format. He is more focused on tactical constructions and the optimal use of all the capabilities and skills of the characters. In the game, a lot of attention is paid to the balance of equal abilities for heroes. The creators of Valorant, which you can download torrent from the link in the description, became the famous studio Riot Games.

More about the game

Game events are developing in the near future. Therefore, when you want to download torrent on our Internet resource, you will have to try on the role of an agent who confronts a very serious and dangerous threat to people. And its consequences no one can predict. Let’s talk about the project itself. So, we already found out that Valorant is a shooter in which gamers will have to fight 5 on 5. You will control several characters at once with unique abilities for each. All of them have certain skills: basic, access to which is free, additional, there are two of these and you can buy them before the start of the round, and special, you can get it after you kill a certain number of opponents or collect the necessary level of strength.

Story line

Gamers have access to a huge arsenal of weapons in the first minutes of the game. In order to carry out active actions in the game, you need to buy weapons for the game currency accumulated in the process. One of the main elements of the gameplay of the Valorant project will be tactics. Therefore, each card will be made in such a way that several strategic plans can be used to complete it. Available for users and multiplayer mode. The project itself is implemented on a fairly well-known Unreal Engine 4. Regarding the graphic design, it is stylized as comics and resembles such projects as Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch.

Game features

The creators of the project, the company Riot Games, did everything possible so that the players got the maximum access to the game. Yes, and Valorant itself is designed so that the PC requirements are quite low, and this allows you to play without serious glitches or lags. All this was achieved through the studio’s network infrastructure and collaboration with some providers.

The authors of the game paid more attention to the fight against fraudsters and cheaters, so the project was created in such a way as to minimize the occurrence of fraud. To do this, the fog of war is used, which does not allow gamers to read positions outside the visual field, and traffic calculations will be performed on separate servers.

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