URUZ Return of The Er Kishi

System requirements URUZ Return of The Er Kishi:

OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 500u / AMD Ryzen 5
Video card: Nvidia Gt 540m 2gb / AMD Radeon R5 M330
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 2 GB


URUZ Return of The Er Kishi

If you like unusual and original stories and legends, then we suggest you pay attention to the game URUZ Return of The Er Kishi. Which is associated with an unusual direction – the Turks. You probably don’t know anything about this, so let me just tell you everything in simple language. In this epic story, a situation awaits you. When the son of a prince of a great empire was captured by dark forces. And to free him, you have to go on an exciting adventure, cutting your way through enemies and resisting powerful dark forces. Just don’t relax, a unique and interesting story awaits you, with unexpected plot twists.

More about the game

As you might have guessed, you have to play as the lord himself, who longs to find his son and free him from captivity. Yes, it will not be so easy to do this, so we suggest you just not waste time and quickly plunge into all this narration. I would not want anything to happen to him. And no, we are not talking about death, but about a converted worldview and desires, which in the end can become disastrous for the entire empire. And the more time is lost, the more likely he will forget the past and become a new, evil person. This should not be allowed, which means it’s time to download URUZ Return of The Er Kishi via torrent on PC for free and start acting.

Mythology and battles

The mythology of the game will delight you with its originality and unusual dark enemies, which will make you carefully study all the nuances and try to use resources efficiently. In addition to the fact that you will personally observe paranormal activities, do not forget that you will have to fight with them. Therefore, practice your skills in advance and try to achieve a favorable result.


The main thing is not to try to take risks in vain, otherwise you will simply lose the opportunity to achieve a favorable result. A son is the most precious thing a father has. Anyone did exactly the same as the lord himself. True, he did not even suspect what dangers lay ahead and what he would face. In any case, there will always be a chance for success, you just need to try to use it correctly and not try to become a hero. And in order to assess your chances and just get started, we suggest paying attention to the ability to download the torrent URUZ Return of The Er Kishi on your PC.

Game features

Individual mythology of the Turks with unusual directions, creatures and religious vision.
Unusual pixel art that became the basis for the atmosphere of the game.
A powerful main character with the ability to use magic and melee weapons.

On this page you can download the game URUZ Return of The Er Kishi torrent free on a PC.



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