System requirements Uragun:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2 Core / 4 Threads 3.0Ghz +
Video card: GeForce 940 GTX, Radeon HD5750
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 6 GB




At the heart of this game is a story in the center of the plot of which a conflict is unleashed. But not between people or the consequences of their actions. The mechanical spider, the central character of the game Uragun download torrent, allows you to resort to the use of such tools that make it possible to destroy the enemy and settle the situation around. Help the insect to overcome many ill-wishers around, because they are many times more. Find a hotbed of disaster, having gone through many trials with the spider. Therefore, try to restore justice. Time does not wait – forward to completing important missions!

More about the game

Transformation of any type of weapon into a new unique weapon – the capabilities of a mechanical spider give you a chance to overcome the most unshakable opponents. In this story, everything you do with a spider is striking in its incredible action. The endurance and dexterity of the mini-robot, the ability of an effective and efficient attack – the versatility of your bot. Fight against dangerous enemies, fulfilling your goals. The unboundedness of the plot outlining the story allows you to participate in every moment.

Story line

Technology can be malicious; your mission is to make the world a better place with a computer spider. On our resource there is an opportunity to download Uragun via torrent for free, so that you can already take action! If you wish, you can make the spider more perfect, which will give it the ability to inflict damage even faster and more accurately. Various bonuses and rewards will be available to you. Achieve success in exciting battles!

Game Features:

powerful power of a computer spider;
weapons of your choice;
influence chaos;
worthy opponents;
Enjoy streamlined graphics.

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