Uplay 100.0.7119

Characteristics Uplay 100.0.7119

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
English language


Uplay 100.0.7119

Uplay 100.0.7119 is a game service from Ubisoft that allows you to communicate with gamers from around the world, purchase distributed digital copies of games and download free demo versions. uPlay is an application that uniquely combines the functions of a social network for gamers and an online game seller. The utility on this site can be downloaded to PC for free. After installing this software, the user gets access to the range of digital copies of games from Ubisoft, the line of games in the Free4Play format, and demos of the company’s projects.

Program Details

The software is compatible with all modern versions of Windows and can be installed in just a few seconds. It does not require any additional tools or services, but you need to create an online account. In addition, you do not need to sacrifice a significant amount of memory, disk space or processing power.

Utility Features

The Uplay 100.0.7119 user interface has several sections. After launch, the application will go to the “News” tab, where you can find the latest news from Ubisoft. On the store page you will find all the games from Ubisoft, as well as their prices. By clicking on the listed game, you will receive detailed information about the game, as well as screenshots and videos.

If your payment method is set up correctly, you can buy games and add them to your library on the fly. Games in your personal library are displayed the same as on the store page, and you can download and install them with one click. This is the best part of Uplay, as with other digital newsletter clients. Your entire collection of games is stored on the Internet, and you can download and install them on the fly, once, twice, or as often as you need.

On this page you can download Uplay 100.0.7119 Utility via torrent for free on PC.



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