Unturned Gold Edition

System requirements Unturned Gold Edition

OS: Windows 7 32-bit.
Processor: 2 GHz.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Disk space: 4 GB.


Unturned Gold Edition

The moment when one project is taken as a basis for creating another is not new, it is good when another game is taken only as a basis – and not completely copied. Do you know why you need to download the game Unturned Gold Edition via torrent? That’s all, because to create the anthurned project, the developers took two games – an incomparable game about zombie apocalypse (DayZ) and a sandbox with cubes (Minecraft). The projects themselves are standing, you can’t argue, however, for an amateur of these genres. Kraft and construction were borrowed from Minecraft, which, however, is not bad, there is something to do, one minus at the same time, the developers decided to take the graphics out of it as well, so the first part of the game does not shine with the beauty of the picture, animation effects and other things.

More about the game

But from DayZ they adopted its unique atmosphere, which can definitely be written in the positive features of the project. So it turned out – you can build anything you like, but in fear of an attack, because at any moment you can expect uninvited guests, in the form of some kind of monster, and possibly another player, who did not come with noble intentions to offer help.

Game features

What to expect for those who dare to download the torrent Unturned
The third project, Unturned Gold Edition, has acquired a good update, and indeed the part itself is qualitatively different from its predecessors. More about the differences:
– The interface has been improved, making it much easier to find the necessary, and generally more convenient.
– Now the list of servers that are currently available can be viewed while directly in the game – a gorgeous improvement for those who love multiplayer mode.
– But, perhaps, the main thing that the game can boast of is the qualitatively revised graphics, the developers decided to take a more responsible attitude by adding physics to the objects. This made it possible to observe real monsters instead of miserable pictures, and the animation became much better, you can even see a thing flying from a backpack to the ground when ejecting, rather than instant teleportation, as before. In general, it has become much more pleasant to play.
– The recipe is most important! To get a new item, you need to find the recipe initially – somewhere in the bowels of the game world. So you will have to devote more time to the study of locations.

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