System requirements Unheard:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 or better
Video Card: GeForce GT 610 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 2 GB



Unheard is a logic game, the release of which will take place very soon. The Unheard game, which can be downloaded on our website, offers the player to plunge into the world of intriguing investigations. The main character, a detective, will have to solve crimes, while having very unusual evidence. The detective has a unique ability – to move in time and dry up the conversations of people at the crime scene. He can’t see them, but please listen to them in plenty. But how true are the conversations of people from the past? Can they be interpreted correctly?

More about the game

You have a unique opportunity to move in time and listen to what they say at the time of the murder. You hear not only conversations, but also all sorts of extraneous sounds. It may be the sound of a blow or something fell to the floor … But it will not be so easy to solve the murder, because it is not enough just to take and listen to what those who committed it said. The detective will constantly encounter various facts that are not relevant, someone will lead to the wrong track. And only an experienced detective will be able to determine where the truth is, and where is the deception. Only a professional can quickly solve a complicated case and punish those responsible. Download The Unheard game quickly and free of charge from our web portal

In the footsteps of the voices

In the game you have to investigate a terrible crime, which led to a dead end for all representatives of the law. There are victims, no traces, or even premises. It immediately becomes clear that this could not have done without a professional. Therefore, our hero decided to take advantage of his feature, but when he began to apply it, it turned out that the offender was able to calculate this. How did he manage this? How could he fake sounds from the past? And now how to catch him? You can answer these questions only after a personal investigation, which will begin immediately after you decide to download Unheard via torrent. Get ready for an unexpected denouement of history, which for a long time will remind of itself.

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