Unforgiving A Northern Hymn

System requirements Unforgiving A Northern Hymn:

Support for 64-bit systems only
Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz
Video card: 1 GB video memory supporting DirectX: 11
Hard disk space: 3.5 GB


Unforgiving A Northern Hymn

Before we begin the review of the game project, which is called – Unforgiving A Northern Hymn, we must pay tribute to the developers of Angry Demon Studio, which laid the foundation for their offspring, which has not been used so far, is the national folklore of Switzerland and the fascinating myths of Scandinavia. Turning to the origins of mythology and folklore, the team of the eminent studio developing game products set itself up for the success of the declared simulator. Thanks to sincere hopes and inner instinct, gamers around the world were able to get acquainted with a solid, conscientiously executed virtual product from an independent company. Returning to the tales and legends of the Swiss and Scandinavians, let’s say that more than one generation of kids has grown up on horrible and creepy stories. Your time has come to plunge into this distinctive world, having drunk from the very bottom of the folklore well.

More about the game

Are you sure that you thoroughly know yourself and know how to manage your inner complexes and fears, are you surely aware of the actions that you could perform in the name of your own salvation? Do not rush to confidently “duck” and shake your head in agreement, as the game resource Unforgiving A Northern Hymn will try to prove the opposite, demonstrating by its example that evil and darkness know no boundaries and are not afraid of any obstacles. We hope that you have gathered your courage and prepared to look into your inner world, where your gloomy essence lives. This virtual resource related to the horror genre will be able to inform you that most of the terrible stories are not invented at all, but are based on absolutely real foundations. Be careful and attentive, dark creatures have opened the hunting season, and you will become their main trophy.

The game has an age restriction, therefore, under the age of majority, it is categorically not recommended to download the Unforgiving A Northern Hymn torrent from our site, and we kindly ask other fans who have grown to the desired age level. Why does this game project have strict limits and limits? The simulator is full of not only violent episodes that show acts of violence, it also contains scenes of the so-called “strawberries” and speeches with profanity. The raisin in the virtual cupcake was the game world, shown in the style of the Swedes, which is teeming with monsters of all kinds ordinary inhabitants of Scandinavian myths.

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