System requirements Undying

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Processor: Intel® i3-3220, AMD FX 6300 equivalent or better
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 equivalent or better
Disk space: 1500 MB
Gamepad support: Partial


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This is an adventure survival with a melancholy story in a world ruled by zombies. The work of the independent studio Vanimals, and at the same time one of the first games in the Skystone Games catalog, founded in 2020 by industry veterans (including David Brevik, creator of the first Diablo). Undying tells the story of Anling, a woman who has to face a world controlled by zombies. Unfortunately, she was bitten by one of the undead. Despite this, the heroine does everything possible to survive – not for herself, but for her son Cody. Anling must teach him the art of surviving in this post-apocalyptic reality before the infection kills her.

More about the game

Vanimals Studio uses many schemes typical of survival games. We observe the action from above (top-down view), and the gameplay is to explore locations in search of objects necessary for survival. This includes food and water, as well as the weapons and resources needed to make useful tools. And all this in a world with alternating day and night and constantly ticking clocks. From time to time we meet non-game characters with whom we interact in different ways.


The game stands out with one important concept. We have two heroes here: Anling and Cody. We have direct control only over the mother – the boy is controlled by artificial intelligence. Moreover, while we try to save the lives of both characters, the main goal is to teach Cody the skills necessary for independent living in a world controlled by zombies. Anling’s son acquires abilities by watching her, over time actively helping his mother cope with the following problems. It is also important to monitor the boy’s mood, especially since it will affect his obedience. Downloading Undying via torrent game allows you to have fun alone, although it is not a one-time adventure.

Game features

Before we begin the adventure, we must assemble a map of the world from fragments of Anling’s memories, which gives us some control over the location of key areas. This allows us – as in bagels – to go through the game many times, each time gaining a slightly different experience. The Undying developers used the popular Unity engine to create a three-dimensional graphic design. The graphics are very simplified: the characters are faceless, and the environment is not very detailed. All this may be reminiscent of Inside from the creators of the cult Limbo. The gameplay is accompanied by music that emphasizes the sweet and bitter atmosphere of the game.

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