System requirements UnderMine:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 2 GHz or faster
Video Card: 512 MB or better
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 2 GB



There was such a treasure hunter in the world. For a long time he wanted to find treasures and now, it seems, everything turned out: fortune smiled at the seeker. He came across a nugget, it is enough just to break it off the wall and find a buyer who can buy a nugget for a tidy sum. Therefore, the treasure hunter, without any hesitation, hit the stone with a pickaxe and was able to chop it off. Yes, that’s bad luck, it is not possible to pick it up. As soon as the nugget fell, a small creature appeared that dragged him along. The treasure hunter ran after the little wretch and fell into a completely different world. Now he will have to master here in order to be able to survive. Therefore, you need to download the UnderMine torrent to help the poor treasure hunter succeed.

Fierce confrontation

Later it turned out that our treasure hunter would fall into the dangerous world of unfulfilled hopes. Various dangerous creatures live here, who are just waiting for the moment to attack the main character and spoil his life. But our treasure hunter is a tough nut and is determined to confront all the dangers in his path and return the gold in any way. And he still has to find a way into his world. For our hero, a long and fascinating journey is just beginning, where he will have to quickly make decisions. It will be an amazing adventure with an unpredictable ending. There is no choice and will have to go towards fate.

Now you need to find and download the UnderMine torrent on the site and free up time in order to pass this adventure. This bagel will bring you a lot of impressions, allow you to enjoy the game. We are fully confident that you will not stop halfway and will pass this test to the end. It is important to be careful and keep an eye on who and what surrounds you, and think quickly to make the right decision. You will also find all the necessary elements for survival. We believe that you will succeed and wish good luck!

Game features

– high-quality graphics;
– all kinds of weapons;
– interesting story;
– funny main character;
– unpredictable ending.

On this page you can download the game UnderMine torrent free on PC.



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