Uncharted – The Lost Legacy

Genre: Action
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Game Modes: Co-op, Single Player


Uncharted – The Lost Legacy

Uncharted – The Lost Legacy is not just an addition to one of the most popular games of the current time, but also the final chord of the Naughty Dog studio in creating a whole franchise about the adventures of Nathan Drake, simply because they want to say goodbye to their fans on a positive note .

True, for this they chose a rather strange way, to release a separate, small game in which the main character is not the central protagonist of the series, but one of his girlfriends, who for unknown reasons disappeared somewhere after the third part of the franchise. But now it is not important, because you are given the opportunity to learn another story from the Unknown universe.

The developers approached the creation of this part with great responsibility, because they updated their game engine, which already produced an incredible picture, beyond recognition, because now the game supports full thirty frames per second at 4K resolution. This will please your eye, because the game is positioning itself as a cinematic shooter with a third-person view, which is currently not much in the industry. And given the developers’ approach to character animation, you will be shocked by what is happening on the screen.

But this is not the main thing, but the fact that the developers did not forget about the various additions to the multiplayer mode and moreover, you can go through the storyline campaign of this game with the help of your friend, because now this game supports full-fledged cooperative mode , which so long waited all playing in tetralogy Ancharted. This will be especially impressive during the traditional spectacular scenes with chases and explosions, because you will need to think for two characters at once, instead of one.



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