Twitterdub Cracked – Twitter Bot

System requirements Twitterdub Cracked – Twitter Bot

Operating System: Windows Xp / Vista / 7/8/10
English language


Twitterdub Cracked – Twitter Bot

This is the leading website automation software that allows you to manage your Twitter accounts without the help of hands. Customize your actions (search / tracking / like / inbound answering machines / content posters) and continue with what you need to do while Twitterdub Cracked – Twitter Bot processes your Twitter account for you!

Please note that the Twitter API is not used. Twitterdub automates the REQUEST HTTP request, as if you were executing the actions in your web browser yourself.


Easy to use promotional module, click the mouse, the work done
Auto follow
Incoming message autoresponders: reply with user emails to each DM trigger word and set up autoresponders to reply to several messages each time the same user answers!
Auto Unsubscribe
Automatic liking
Auto Comment
Post tweets / video / audio / images
Upload video to Twitter – watermark and automatically split video into required 30 seconds
RSS Post Tweets / Video / Audio / Images
Tweet / video / audio / image schedule
Respond instantly to new followers / tweets / mentions
Full account support, multi-account support
Full account support, updating account data
Full search support
Create custom searches
Advanced Advanced Search
Action through search through the media or authors
Support media filter / user properties
Twitter List Scraper
Email List Scraper
Clear profile data include location, language, identifiers, profile, and more
Manage an unlimited number of accounts.
Tagging accounts to filter browsing: tag your accounts for easy viewing of specific accounts
License to install 3 cars: install on 3 cars for your own use
Run an unlimited number of instances of the program on your computer: each instance runs from a separate database, which allows you to share your problems / niches / accounts anyway, which corresponds to your workflow
Control your actions, saving / loading if necessary: ​​Do you want to run the same action every month, but do not leave it in your processor, cluttering up the view? Then save it and load as required
Follow the new followers in your accounts, and then respond to them: stay tuned, send DM, tweet
Account Verification
Account Security for Safe Use
Daily statistics
Full Spintax Support
Plan all activities for the drip feeding potential.
The delay between actions seems realistic
Several actions at once to seem realistic
Repeat for permanent promotions without the help of hands!
Frequent updates
Good quality support across multiple systems
Full Captcha API Support
All processes are saved, so they can be restarted in the event of a power failure.
Save / load actions for future use
Detailed logs of all processes
Import / export functions for profiles, proxies. This is your data to take and do what you want with
Repeat / redo / pause / cancel any action
Money back guarantee

On this page you can program Twitterdub Cracked – Twitter Bot via torrent free on PC.



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