Twin Souls The Path of Shadows


System requirements Twin Souls The Path of Shadows

Windows XP / 7/8.
Intel Core 2 Duo.
512 Mb Graphics Card.


Twin Souls The Path of Shadows

Twin Souls The Path of Shadows is an action-adventure game from Lince Works that invites you to travel to a country clearly inspired by Eastern culture. In this virtual world, everything is shrouded in mysticism. So the main character is mystical – this is a resurrected warrior who must rescue a mysterious beauty imprisoned in a super-guarded fortress.

More about the game

To understand how a warrior deals with enemies, it is enough to download the torrent of the game from us, we must also add that the game is inspired by such classic stealth as Tenchu ​​Saga. Also, the developers focused on younger representatives of the genre, including Dishonored, one of the main hits of recent years. Glide in darkness, cover an area with darkness, summon a clone to distract, or unleash your anger on unsuspecting enemies, killing one after another. Follow your style and one goal – “Yamiko” must be free

Features of the game

The hero of the game from Lince Works can be safely called a ninja. He is dressed appropriately, but most importantly, this man knows how to be quieter than water and below the grass. Hiding is helped not only by his amazing dexterity, but also by the supernatural ability to merge with areas filled with shadows, and move between them at lightning speed. However, it is not always necessary to hide, sometimes you have to act openly, destroying entire detachments of guards.

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