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Bit Windows: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: Multilingual


It is a comprehensive solution for remote access and user support via the Internet. The program works on all versions of the Windows 32/64 bit operating system (technical support is provided starting from Windows XP SP3) and allows you to demonstrate your desktop, control a remote computer, exchange files and make video calls via the Internet. In addition to direct connection, it is possible to work through a firewall and NAT proxy. The full version of TrustViewer is free for both personal and commercial use with no restrictions in all countries.

Establishing a connection.

TrustViewer can work without installation on a computer. In this case, all settings related to the Internet connection will be performed automatically. However, some features of the program that require administrator access rights may be limited.

To provide access to your computer, you need to run TrustViewer Select the communication session mode “Provide access to this computer”, select one of the three modes of access to your computer. (“Worker View Only”, “Shared Control” or “Full Control”). And tell the partner a nine-digit identifier unique for each session. Accordingly, to control a remote computer, after starting, you must select the communication session mode “Connect to a remote computer” and enter the session ID received from the partner.

Key features

A parity communication session is also available, in which each of the operators at any time can request from a partner any mode of operation and level of access. To do this, after launching TrustViewer, each of the operators selects the communication session mode “File exchange, video calls, etc.” And one of them tells the other his session ID.

Specialized proxy server.

If a direct connection between computers is not possible, then one of the intermediate public proxy servers of the company is automatically used for communication. However, on the official website of the program, a free specialized proxy server “TrustServer” is also available. using the TrustViewer program.

TrustServer can be installed both on a public Internet server in https-proxy mode, and on a local server of an organization in socks5-proxy mode, and in the latter case, additional configuration of client applications is not required – the server will be detected automatically. In addition, automatic connection of client applications to a public Internet server is also possible, for this it is enough to configure and run TrustServer in the cascading server mode on the local server of the organization.

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