Troll and I

System requirements Troll and I:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5
Video Card: 2GB of VRam, Nvidia 6 series
Disk Space: 19 GB
Sound Card: On board Motherboard


Troll and I

Despite the fact that the Troll in Swedish is “charm”, these creations can hardly be called such, according to the Troll and I. game project. The Scandinavian guy survived many troubles, including the loss of loved ones and his home. In distant wanderings, he met a creature with a repulsive appearance, but a kind heart, which became his faithful friend.

More about the game

The game Troll and I takes place in the fifties of the last century. Gamers are invited to control both a huge troll and a teenager. Cooperative and multiplayer mode introduced. Igrodely created a large number of large-scale battles and tasks in the style of stealth. In order to complete the levels, in addition to the melee weapons, players also need to use magic skills.

Game features

In the game world there is an eternal confrontation, people hate supernatural beings, and they, in turn, are hostile to the representatives of the human race. The main characters managed to find enemies among all the inhabitants of the planet. It was also not without allies, and the opportunity to become part of a certain faction. This feature is useful during the game. You have to hunt, generate weapons and all kinds of useful objects, while traveling quite a lot. So that the world does not lose its attractiveness, you need to make a lot of efforts, closing the resulting “cracks”. To set off on an adventure, hurry to quickly download the game Troll and I from torrent using the convenient menu of our site. You can also download games of various topics on our website.

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