TripMode 2.2.1


System requirements TripMode 2.2.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

TripMode 2.2.1

Mobile Internet tends to run out quickly, and often it happens ridiculous: OS X will install updates, Transmission will download new series, iCloud syncs a couple of hundred megabytes of photos, and now the monthly limit is gone. It is unrealistic to track the running applications on your own, so it is better to get this task with a special utility. TripMode 2.2.1, when enabled, only allows selected programs to access the network.

How does the program work?

By default, most programs are blocked, and only popular browsers and instant messengers are allowed access. To unblock or block a program, just remove or put a checkbox next to its name.

Key features

The most interesting thing is that the program remembers the networks in which it was activated and next time it will do it for you automatically. That is, connecting to a Wi-Fi network of a particular coffee shop will be a signal for the utility to save traffic and discard all “tails”. What you need to save VPN traffic, or if you use your iPhone as a hotspot for your laptop.

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