System requirements TRANSIT

OS: Windows 64-bit (7 or later)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX or equivalent
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 12 GB




Despite the fact that the theme of the zombie apocalypse has already been beaten to impossibility, some developers still release projects in this genre and they are enjoying some success. On our site you can download the TRANSIT torrent – a game about how a deadly virus leaked in a small Soviet town where a secret military biolaboratory is located. It began to spread at a crazy speed and infect residents, turning them into zombies. The authorities managed to organize the evacuation of healthy people and establish quarantine in the infection zone. But still, some people, including your hero, failed to get out of quarantine and are now forced to fight for their lives in the midst of crowds of zombies. Your task is to be able to get to the perimeter and escape from the infected city.

More about the game

The game is an indiviating with a first-person view. Your task is to control the hero, destroy enemies, collect the necessary resources and explore the numerous locations of the infected zones. Your opponents will be not only zombies, but also numerous marauders who decided to profit from the epidemic. The advantage of the TRANSIT game, which you can download torrent from our website in a beautifully detailed and realistic survival system, which includes many different factors, from finding equipment and supplies to a well-crafted crafting system.

Game features

– A huge map of a detailed recreated city of the Soviet era;
– A large selection of various equipment and weapons;
– A perfectly implemented survival system, which includes hunger, thirst, fatigue, and so on;
– Various opponents;
– Find a central refuge where you can survive the sweeping of the city from zombies.

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