Trailer Park Mechanic

System requirements Trailer Park Mechanic

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: +3 GHZ dual core processor
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 750 MB


Trailer Park Mechanic

Many gamers with pleasant warmth will remember an exciting game called My Summer car. She was very special, because in the process you had to collect your clunker, then drive on it, beat moonshine and do what your heart desires. But the creators, the company Petrolhead software, introduced fans to the new game Trailer Park Mechanic, which mechanically resembles the familiar My Summer car. In this interactive project, you will have to try on the role of a mechanic, equip your own workshop, engage in the restoration of cars, their repair. You may even have to steal cars, and then sell them. However, this is not the most interesting thing that awaits you in this game. You will brew moonshine, sell it and make good profit. But the game begins in your workshop, where you need to restore the car without a motor.

More about the game

So, as mentioned above, the gameplay in Trailer Park Mechanic begins with a car repair shop and a non-motorized car that needs to be fixed. This will be your first assignment. You can even steal a car from your neighbors. To start making money, you need to deal with machine repair, smuggling moonshine, petty theft. You can steal small things from the trunk of a car, shop or neighboring garden. In addition, moonshine can also be sold to a neighbor, because he will not drive a car due to a lack of a driver’s license.

Game process

After you finish assembling the car, you can run it in and use it to perform various tasks. But all the fun will be just ahead. During the game, you can improve the engine, this will allow you to go about your business, save money and buy the car that you most want. All other gameplay features will be available to you only after you go to our site to download the Trailer Park Mechanic torrent there.

Ways to make money

How to make money in this game? Pretty simple, because you will have plenty of ways to do this. If you wish, you can repair cars, trade in moonshine, steal small but valuable items from car luggage and groceries in the store. If you want to drive a car, but your own is not ready yet, then you can borrow a neighbor. But after your beauty is back in service, you can do the tasks, improve the engine. This will help you quickly cope with the next mission and raise enough money to buy the desired car model.

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