Trail of Ayash


System requirements Trail of Ayash

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-6400 CPU 2.70 GHZ
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 1060
Disk space: 30 GB


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Trail of Ayash

An innovative game featuring a poignant and engaging story set in an open-world Native American game. The storyline unfolds in the distant times of the pre-Colombian period, with characteristic everyday, religious, and cultural difficulties. This well-defined and delineated world is a unique version of North America and its ancient inhabitants, a life that depends on myth and legend. Therefore, downloading Trail of Ayash to PC via torrent for free is an ideal solution for organizing interesting and exciting leisure activities for gamers of different ages.

More about the game

The world of the Trail of Ayash game is inhabited by different tribes that constantly interact with each other in terms of trade and friendship, but often violent bloody conflicts with neighbors who want to expand their territory and zones of influence occur. The harsh natural conditions of the subarctic, on the plateau or in the eastern forest regions dictate firm and well-regulated rules of life.


However, peaceful life is threatened not only by climatic conditions and other tribes, but also by other mysterious creatures that hide in the forests, wastelands, and underground. They are always hungry and they constantly hunt for gaping hunters, women or children. Players will have to fight against creatures from nightmares, born of human fantasy, as well as forest and underground spirits. Stories about them are whispered around the fire, and shamans tell about them.

Game features

For the world of Trail of Ayash, they are real and all protective measures must be taken. Not only from body-hunting predators. But also entities wishing to drag the soul into the ancient American hell. The mystical world is replete with different types of creatures. Like Adlet, Agluik, Amagur, Deer Woman, Cannibal Gnomes, Zoavits, Headless Ghost, Mishpeshu, Nanuk, Owl Woman, Kylertatng, Kulupalik, Sedna, Werewolves, Swamp Witch, Windigo. Each of them has its own line of behavior. Therefore, to deal with them, you need to develop personalized tactics.

The developers took a lot of local legends and myths, rules of life, religious beliefs, shamanism, totems, culture, architecture, and cooking as the basis of the storyline. Downloading the Trail of Ayash torrent on PC means getting the role-playing game of your dreams and providing yourself with many hours of interesting virtual life.

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