Tower of Time

System requirements Tower of Time:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Video card: 1 GB of video memory that supports DirectX: 11



Tower of Time

Tower of Time is a computer game that is an incredible adventure, during which you can again feel the spirit of old games, because basically the game resembles a classic RPG, but at the same time, its gameplay is in many ways similar to an action with elements arcades, so you don’t have to be bored, despite the fact that the game also looks incredibly beautiful, thanks to the fact that the game developers gave it a new generation engine, which is why the game is even more fun than ever before.

In general, the story tells a typical RPG story, which focuses on the fight against evil, which has begun to destroy this world since ancient times. At the same time, it appears from a mysterious tower located on the territory, in which people were previously afraid to even enter, and now they are even more trying to avoid it. But the most frightening thing is that monsters constantly leave the tower, which has been buried underground for more than one hundred years and thus terrify the local lands. In this case, the developers have tried to think everything literally to the smallest details, because of which you will need to go through literally every floor of this tower, until you finally can reach the highest point of this tower, where the battle with the main boss, which brings these lands have the most problems.

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