Towaga Among Shadows

System requirements Towaga Among Shadows:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual core processor, 2.3 GHz or better
Video card: Intel HD 4000 / HD 7450 / GT 330M or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 1 GB


Towaga Among Shadows

In the world of wizardry and magic, sometimes terrible and frightening events occur. For example, today you will learn the story of Towaga Among Shadows, about how the world plunged into darkness, and the great wizard began to create real chaos, together with his knights. True, the leader’s madness began to give rise to doubts in the hearts of the knights, and moreover, a light began to appear in their souls, which opened their eyes to what they were doing. As a result, many of them decided to go to the service of the light and are now ready to challenge the main magician of the universe. True, whether they will be able to resist such power, we will find out about this very soon. Moreover, you will become the same knight who doubted his destiny.

More about the game

As you might expect, such a clash will surely become a massive one, but don’t run to fight your leader. He is really strong and will require unprecedented skills from you. Therefore, it is better to first understand yourself, find a light source and use it. To do this, you just need to download Towaga Among Shadows via torrent on your PC for free and after that all the open spaces, opportunities and other phenomena will become available to you in full. It remains only to use all the opportunities correctly, and you will certainly achieve a good result. Get ready to learn destructive spells and use them effectively.

Serious struggle

The gameplay is presented in a completely ordinary format, where you need to deftly dodge attacks and use your magic to achieve success. Do not think that all this will be as simple as possible, because you have to fight with a large number of enemies, solve various puzzles and try to improve yourself, opening up all new opportunities to achieve a favorable result. Well, are you ready to take advantage of this? Then do not lose the opportunity to download the torrent Towaga Among Shadows on your PC and realize all your plans.

Game features

This unusual adventure promises to be much more interesting than it seems at first. Try to become a powerful wizard and achieve a good result, gradually discovering the most different and interesting spells. Use all this effectively and nothing will stop you anymore. Remember that you are the embodiment of darkness and the transition to the light side will definitely not be painless. Be careful and expect the worst.

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