Touch VPN

System requirements Touch VPN

Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile
Interface: English
File size: 2 Mb


Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a free Virtual Private Network solution available as a plug-in for the Google Chrome web browser or as an application on Windows 7, 8, 10 PCs. Using it, you can maintain your anonymity on the Internet, as well as gain access to web resources that are not available in the usual way.

More about VPN

Regardless of the option you choose – an extension or an application – this tool allows you to access the Internet through servers located in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, etc. This way you can hide your real location and bypass regional restrictions.

VPN for Chrome will be very useful for those who often use public WiFi hotspots. Touch VPN in Google Chrome browser encrypts transmitted traffic, making it impossible for attackers to get your personal data.


The application does not require complex settings. It is ready to use immediately after installation. Choose one of 40+ servers and connect. You can switch between servers on the fly.

The point of VPN (Virtual Privat Network) technology is to redirect all your traffic through a remote server with which a secure connection is established. Because the data is encrypted, it cannot be filtered or blocked. Your real ip-address is changed to a virtual one, so you become a resident of another region or even a country.


Working with the service is very simple – the program fully justifies its name. After installing and running the extension, click on its icon. In the menu that opens, you need to click on the “Click to Connect” button and the program will automatically connect you to the most optimal server. If you want to select a server manually, then this is also possible. Such countries as France, Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Singapore, USA, Germany are available.

Download Touch VPN for free on your computer, install and use the Internet anonymously and without restrictions.

On this page you can download Touch VPN via torrent for free on a PC.



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