Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator

System requirements Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator

Operating System: Windows® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium III, Celeron 500 MHz or AMD Athlon;
RAM: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 5 MB
Video card: DirectX-compatible with 128 MB memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0


Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator

Do not believe it, but in the world of the gaming industry there are some genres of games that are essentially unique, because as soon as new game studios do not fight for their customers, but creating a new “Tualeat simulator” is something new out of the ordinary. coming out, and just such a game is Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator you can download the torrent from our resource, and at the same time you can try out this exciting game! But why do you need a simulator. Most likely, it is to feel in a completely different way. Vivid examples of this are the farmer’s simulator, the builder’s simulator, the God simulator. But, here, the toilet simulator is completely incomprehensible.

More about the game

The game was created on the Unity engine, which is not demanding, and it is quite enough for such a monotonous and boring game. Besides the fact that you just have to sit on the jerk and call the “space” key, the “sounds” characteristic of this place, you can do nothing more. But, at the same time – this simulator will raise your spirits one hundred percent, and also to your friends with this “soundtrack”! Therefore, if you want an absolutely useless, but provoking laughter game on your computer, download the Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator.

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