Total War: Elysium


System requirements Total War: Elysium

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
RAM: 3 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200GT (256 MB) or ATI Radeon HD 2400-PRO (256 MB)
Network: Broadband internet connection
Disk space: 1 GB


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Total War: Elysium

This is a classic collectible card game that combines features of the Total War series with games like Magic: The Gathering Arena and Legends of Runeterra. British Creative Assembly, known for the main series, is responsible for the creation of the spin-off. Total War: ELYSIUM is free to play as it is based on a free-to-play model with additional micropayments. The gameplay mechanics refer to classic card games like Magic: The Gathering Arena, Gwent, or Hearthstone. A sense of strategy and tactics is important in the game, not luck. It is very important to choose the right general, suitable for the player’s play style.

More about the game

The deck consists of cards with main units, known commanders or special attacks. In addition, the developers introduced a unique mechanic, the Daybreak system, which allows you to call in reinforcements appropriate to the situation during duels. For example, if your enemy has a strong array of archers, you should consider sending cavalry. What’s more, some kits may get stronger over time or only be used at certain times of the day. In total, Total War: Elysium has more than 300 maps and 9 generals from different historical periods, some of which should be well known to Total War fans. Among the commanders are Napoleon Bonaparte, a Chinese general from the Han dynasty Cao Cao, and Sun Ren, the daughter of the Chinese commander Sun Jian.

Game features

The most important currency in the game is amethyst, thanks to which you can buy generals and combat sets. The player can receive cards as a reward for the next level of experience and completing missions. The game also allows you to craft them thanks to the crafting system. Special cards, gold and amethyst can be won not only during the game, but also by spending real money right in the game. Total War: ELYSIUM can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes. The graphic design of the game is rather simplified, adapted to the capabilities of mobile devices. As we play, we admire the modest-looking battlefield, which contains cards with graphics showing the units available to the player, including the largest generals in history.

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