Tor Browser


System requirements Tor Browser

Supported operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
Bit depth 32 and 64 bit.


Tor Browser

It is a free user-friendly browser with multi-layered traffic encryption to secure your internet connection and surf anonymously. Tor Browser is based on the Mozilla Firefox model and, thanks to routing, allows you to invisibly surf the World Wide Web, visit blocked resources and open secret .onion web sites without leaving your digital trail and IP address.

More about the program

Anonymizer is one of the best means of protecting access to the Internet, does not allow monitoring traffic by standard methods, bypasses blocking of certain and regional resources, and also ensures the privacy of the user’s virtual life. The Onion Router has a set of utilities and add-ons for fast, high-quality, and most importantly – safe Internet browsing without the use of third-party VPN services. We recommend Tor Browser to download for free and become the owner of the optimal product for increased security on the Internet.

Key features

change user IP;
bypassing the block of sites;
prohibition of network surveillance by third-party users;
hiding the user’s physical location;
automatic clearing of cache and history;
account protection;
duplication of traffic within the network;
Vidalia application for bypassing the blocked site and re-registering on it;
open source;
protection of virtual tunnels and a distributed network.

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