System requirements ToolBoy:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: FX 4300 / Core i3-2130
Video card: HD7750 / GTX650Ti
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 2 GB



A large number of different events take place in the world, especially if you pay attention to the interactive universes. Today we want to introduce you to the new character of the ToolBoy game – the Repair Robot. Previously, he was building a career as a professional athlete, and now he is forced to go to a huge corporation to carry out work on the repair of structures. And if at first it seems that there is nothing difficult about this, then you should not rush to make your decisions, because the robot learns that the corporation plans to turn him into a slave and, if necessary, straighten him. And it is from here that a fierce confrontation between a huge corporation and a small but ambitious robot begins.

More about the game

And so that players can enjoy every moment of the adventure, the developers have made the conditions for classic entertainment. It is enough just to control the main character, try to effectively use any available opportunities and gradually achieve a good result. You have to solve a large number of puzzles, test your abilities in terms of self-realization and try to gradually achieve results.

Game process

The gameplay will be as active and unpredictable as possible, which will add excitement to your entertainment and allow you to simply enjoy every moment. It remains only to download ToolBoy via torrent on your PC for free and you can go on an unforgettable journey. The unusual confrontation between the little robot and the power will make you think about the meaning of freedom and the possibility of self-realization. The main thing is to try to use all the possibilities correctly, not to die during the escape and reveal all the secrets of a huge corporation. Be careful and you will definitely succeed!

Game features

An arcade platform that allows you to have a good time and enjoy a high degree of activity.
An interactive environment that allows you to interact with the environment.
The ability to pick up any items to fight enemies.

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