Tokyo Dark

System requirements Tokyo Dark:

Supports 64-bit systems only
OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Graphics Card: 1 GB of video memory supporting DirectX: 11
Hard disk space: 3 GB



Tokyo Dark

Tokyo Dark game is an excellent atmospheric horror in the style of manga and anime. In it you go to Tokyo, where people disappeared without a trace. You will have to play detective girl Ito, whose partner disappeared without a trace, trying to investigate the mysterious disappearances of people. All you know is that all traces lead to the sewer, where, according to legend, there is a portal to the otherworld.
Ito is convinced that this legend is well-founded, because her missing partner has left her some clues. But whether she can find it in the intricacies of sewage pipes and tunnels and thus not go crazy – is up to you. Help Ito find his friend and investigate these mysterious abductions.

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From the beginning, the game insists that the choice in it is of great importance and your every action entails a string of consequences that cannot be influenced in the future due to the automatic saving of progress. The plot of Tokyo Dark, in turn, is tied to the fact that the protagonist is engaged in the investigation of the abduction of his lover, which is accused of some sinister lady with red curls and mottled appearance. The events of the game unfold, as it is not difficult to guess by name, or anywhere, but in Tokyo.

You will have to explore the areas of the city, communicate with the locals and solve puzzles, which as you pass you do not meet very much. In terms of gameplay, the product of the Cherrymochi team is a mixture of classic adventure with a visual novella – there is no escape from monsters in the game, and you can shoot only in two situations, and even then it is not necessary. The highlight of the game Tokyo Dark is the characteristics of the character of the main character – because of some actions, she may lose her mind, while others, on the contrary, can enhance her professionalism. It is worth noting that this system has a complete effect on the ending.

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