Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

System requirements Titan Quest Anniversary Edition:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
Video card: 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or ATI Radeon
Disk space: 6 GB



Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

The toy titled “Titan Quest”, presented by the studio “THQ Nordic”, once produced a real sensation, but that was a long time ago. Now the fans of “diabloids” will again have to conquer the top of Olympus, but already in the new version of the game, in the reprint of “Anniversary Edition” .

The plot of the game revolves around ancient Greek myths and legends. The Telkhins, having broken free, decided to liberate Typhon, one of the Titans of Tartarus, by all means. The world is in danger, terrible creatures and a variety of monsters burst free, villages and whole cities are burning, the world needs a hero capable of defeating Telchinov, Typhon, and everyone who gets in the way. And just the same, we are invited to become one of these heroes.

Game Titan Quest Anniversary Edition torrent for free on our website. As such, there is no customization in the game. At the start, we are asked only to choose the gender of the hero, as well as the color of his tunic. At this customization is over. In this case, the character class and its specialization is selected during the game. But what is more important is the fact that players are invited to create their own specialization of heroes, combining into one whole two specializations at once. For example, it may be a Battle Magician, to create which you need to choose the Element of the Earth and the Military Unit case, or you can create a real magician / wizard by selecting both the element of the Earth and the element of Air. There are no restrictions, and anyone who decides Titan Quest Anniversary Edition to download the torrent latest version from us will be able to create a truly unique character. At the same time, there are enough specializations for diversity: the elements of the Earth (fire) and Air (lightning and ice), Military business (barbarians), Protection (warrior with a shield), Druid, necromancer, Power of Dreams and others.

But the choice of specialization variety of the game is not limited. Much more variety of developers managed to achieve in terms of assortment of loot. Hundreds of types of bladed weapons (swords, daggers, katanas, and much more), shooting with poison, fire or cold staff, shields, cuirass and boots, amulets and rings – all presented in hundreds of variations. At the same time, there are collectible items, special rare items, and even the ability to create your own improvements.

The gameplay is tied to the standard destruction of an infinite horde of monsters, but the players are not waiting for the same type – the game is divided into five acts, and each act on a bunch of locations, each of which is stuffed with its own monsters, bosses, characters and colorful characters. This game is able to tighten players in the virtual world for many tens of hours.


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