System requirements Tinykin

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 64 Bit.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Disk space: 2 GB.
Sound Card: DirectX compatible.

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This is a game that will take you to the future, you have to move to the year 2748. The protagonist named Milo is an alien astronaut who travels to earth using a spaceship. You can already download Tinykin via torrent for free only on our website.


The main character Milo, arriving on earth, discovers that all earthlings inhabiting this planet have disappeared. Arriving from 2748, he begins to realize that the 90s reign on planet earth. The main character is accompanied by his tiny assistants who are able to carry objects that are huge in comparison with their size. Also, the crumbs can connect to each other, forming a staircase or bridge.


Studying the land, the main character begins to understand that, in comparison with any objects that he meets on his way, he is really tiny in size. Milo studies the house he got into, all the objects in the house seem to him just huge. Along with his tiny assistants, smaller than the protagonist himself, Milo will open the stadium in the bathroom. After that, he will revive a real nightclub in the sofa, and our hero will arrange a casino under the bed. But the main task is to return to the future. In order to start playing you need to download Tinykin via torrent for free.

Features of the game

Unusual plot of the game.
Lovely and charismatic characters who will not let you get bored.
Sophisticated graphics down to the smallest detail.

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