Time Travelling Blues

System requirements Time Travelling Blues:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Video: Intel HD 3000
HDD: 600 MB


Time Travelling Blues

A game called Time Travelling Blues is an exciting adventure, the events of which are developing in the near future. In it, you play as an ordinary office worker named Ortho. Once, having returned home, after work he felt a certain tension. And after some time, our hero sets off on a difficult journey in time and between worlds. His task will be to find four brave heroes, to unite them in one team to save his native planet.

More about the game

It all started with the fact that Ortho learned about an old prophecy. It said that only four brave warriors can stop the approaching apocalypse. But all four are at different times, in different territories, and now you need to make these jumps to bring them together.

Game features

To download the Time Travelling Blues torrent, you need to visit our game portal. You will have to travel through the dungeons of the Middle Ages, look for the lost pirate islands, stroll through the gardens of the samurai and begin your search in the huge megacities of the West. Explore the area around you, but do not forget about the main purpose of your temporary trip. The most important thing is to find the hero you need. Rely on your intuition, it will become your faithful companion.

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