System requirements Timberborn

OS: Windows 8 or newer.
Processor: 2-core 1.7+ GHz or better.
Video card: GeForce GTX 1050, Radeon Pro 560 or similar.
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 1 GB.



We are used to seeing how, after the total extinction of people, the remaining small groups are trying with all their might to survive and use all their possibilities for survival. This time, in Timberborn, you will need to properly apply all of your strategic skills and tactical planning. To help a large group of beavers survive. If you think this looks strange, then don’t jump to conclusions. Since it will be necessary to control the beavers and try to help them use the wood efficiently. Create technologies to control water flow. Therefore, we invite you to be proactive and successful.

More about the game

If you are used to seeing that beans are only engaged in the creation of dams, then now your experience will improve several times. After all, beavers have now united and created a full-fledged society. Thanks to this, you can count on a variety of structures, technologies and other available unique moments that will become the basis for a favorable pastime. First of all, of course, you will need to download Timberborn via torrent on your PC for free, and after that you can begin to actively comprehend all your new features.

A subtle system of relationships

The main feature of this adventure is that now you have to actively analyze all the available directions and structures. They will all be linked by a system of water supply, processing and resource provision. The game will have an economy system that will be focused solely on obtaining resources and expanding its influence. We are confident that you will achieve a favorable result and will be able to take control of an entire settlement of beavers, which will lead to unprecedented prosperity.


Do not worry, you will definitely succeed, you just need to use all your capabilities correctly and try to achieve a good result. Try to create the best beaver settlement that will be just great. To get started, we recommend that you simply download the Timberborn torrent on your PC to get all the necessary features for use.

Game features

A personal settlement with beavers that will obey your requirements.
A wide variety of buildings with individual functions.
Complete freedom of action that will allow you to achieve success and create a unique society.

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