Thousands of Years Later

System requirements Thousands of Years Later

Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Processor: i5 2.4Ghz or higher
Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 670 or Higher
RAM (GB): 4.0
Free space on HDD (GB): 4.0


Thousands of Years Later

The fact that the development of survival simulators is proceeding rapidly, was probably noticed by many users of the gaming industry. One of the projects carried out in this genre is Thousands of Years Later. Thanks to him, you can look at adventures from the other side. And all because here you will have access to control the mechanism that allows you to perform mechanical construction. Users will be able to design their vehicle to their liking, using the various available formats and their imagination. When creating the base, it will be possible to take advantage of the proposed features of mechanics.

More about the game

Users will have to survive in the desert, and we can assume that there will not be many problems, because the whole environment is perfectly visible. First of all, you will have to take care of housing construction. Your opponents will be not only players, but also various monsters that carry danger. Thousands of Years Later demonstrates new features, and the game can be called a new stage in the development of the genre, namely, survival simulators. The project will appeal to many fans of the genre, because it is interesting and unusual. Download Thousands of Years Later via torrent free we offer from our resource.


Only in this way will he be able to finally achieve his goal and get the new life for which he deserves. That’s just, he doesn’t have much time yet for the reason that he can do useful things only during the day, because if he doesn’t have time to run away and hide in his own shelter until night, then trouble awaits him, because these creatures are guaranteed to come, who will want to kill the protagonist and send him into their stomach. Try your best to prevent this from happening.

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