Things 3.13.5

System requirements Things 3.13.5

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Things 3.13.5

It is a popular to-do organizer that helps you structure what you need to do in an intuitive way. Things 3.13.5 mac combines powerful functionality with simplicity, use tags and an intuitive set of filters. The program for mac os is designed to solve a seemingly impossible task – to make working with your tasks fun and easy.

More about the program

Things 3.13.5 sets the standard for this kind of software with a great feature set and interface that suits almost any level of task organization – simple enough to keep track of the most basic to-do lists … yet sophisticated enough to accompany tasks of any level. .. The program provides the user with a unique combination of ease of use, great interface and flexibility, which allowed me to stop using other organizers that I used. “- Dan Frakes, Macworld

Benefits of the program

When you start using Things 3.13.5, you will be amazed at how easy it is to enter and manage tasks. The great interface makes task management a real pleasure. But this is not done at the expense of performance – the program will provide all the functions that you would like to have.

Today: Decide what to do today and put them on this list.

Check it out throughout the day to see how things are going. Things 3.13.5 will automatically show you due dates and tasks for today – so you don’t miss out on anything important.
Focus: evaluate what is more important on “Today”, which of the tasks are “Next”, and which ones can be assigned for a certain day and put into “Plans”. Move things to “Later” if you cannot do them right now. You can return to these tasks later.

Organize all tasks: for work, family or hobbies.

With Things 3.13.5, everything will be in place. “Projects” and “Areas of Responsibility” will allow you to set up complex tasks and effectively control things at work and at home.
Use tags to make context, priority, and task timing clear — whatever matters in your personal affairs. Quickly filter the list of tasks to find the most relevant tasks in a given view.
Keep nothing in mind – trust the program. Write down new thoughts as soon as they come to mind.

The Quick Entry window allows you to enter new tasks without interrupting your work, and thanks to the amazing AutoFill function, the Quick Entry window can be filled with the text that is currently highlighted on the screen, along with the link to the email you just read, the web page that you are currently watching or the document that you are currently editing (this function works in most programs).
Much more: create recurring tasks, add due dates, reschedule tasks to later dates, import and export Reminders, view your completed to-do list in a journal, and more.

On this page you can download the Things 3.13.5 program for Mac OS via torrent for free.



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