There Was the Moon

System requirements There Was the Moon:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
Video card: GeForce GTX 800 or better
Disk space: 3 GB



There Was the Moon

It is scary to think what would happen to a person if space objects had their own mind and the ability to manipulate the psyche of people. Today you will have such an opportunity, and besides, you yourself will become a victim of such a phenomenon and will try to get out of this dangerous influence. But do not think that it will be so easy, because you have to visit a variety of locations that in one way or another can affect the mental state of the protagonist. Therefore, we recommend that you just be careful, try not to rush into decisions and just be serious. After all, any problem in the game There Was the Moon, or a mistake can cause the death of all mankind.

More about the game

So, the situation in the game is not the best – huge space objects got the opportunity to think and plan. At first, this may turn out to be frightening and portend the end of the world, but you should not get ahead of ourselves, since this kind of mind is just beginning to study and is already ready to put experiments on living people. Therefore, your main character will become a full-fledged victim and will try to survive, and for this he will need your help. Try as soon as possible to download There Was the Moon via torrent on your PC and then begin your victorious march.

An abundance of puzzles

As for tests and traps, the representatives of the mind will arrange various tests: passing mazes, solving common problems and even answering questions. In any situation, you have to give your best and try to achieve results that will definitely not disappoint. But be careful and careful, as sometimes the mind will go beyond the game to prevent your successes. Therefore, try to deceive the mind and get rid of the persecution. And for this you need to download the torrent There Was the Moon on your PC.

Game features

By the way, we forgot to note that the Moon, which is our companion, will act as a mind in this game. The mind slept for a long time, but managed to restore memory, which will be its toolkit for manipulation. Do not fall for provocations, try to use all your possibilities and just enjoy a good story. And we wish you a pleasant adventure, new discoveries and the opportunity to show your best sides.

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