The Westport Independent


System requirements The Westport Independent

RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Video card: Open GL 2.0
Disk space: 100 MB


The Westport Independent

It is interesting to watch small development studios that release interesting and original game projects. For example, the Swedish studio has decided to release a game project The Westport Independent, which will allow any user to feel like an editor of a popular news newspaper. But this role will be given for a reason, since in this game it will be necessary to make difficult and unpredictable decisions.

More about the game

The Westport Independent is a news newspaper censor simulator who will have to work in a fierce social environment. Quite recently, dictators seized power in your country, who began to steal, kill and incite people to various dark deeds. The authorities are behaving insolently, they are not hiding anything, but they are still thinking about how to prevent their actions from getting on the news feeds of various newspapers. Therefore, they decide to pass a law to close all non-governmental newspapers, to which you belong.

Features of the game

Therefore, now you will have a choice, to publish the truth about the government and reveal all the secrets to society, or to start “dancing to the tune” of the government and write what they say. With this attitude, they will definitely not shut you down, but prepare to meet the discontent from your employees and society at large. You need to download The Westport Independent torrent also because it is an interesting and exciting game project, which is definitely worth waiting for, since no one has ever given us such an original idea. The game will surely be interesting and exciting, since now it will be possible to study the news media companies from the inside.

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