The Weaponographist

System requirements The Weaponographist

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Video Card: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 1 GB


The Weaponographist

A game in the style of The Weaponographist at a fast pace, filled with all sorts of entities that need to be killed. Types of weapons are changing at breakneck speed and you need to immediately master them in order to withstand hordes of enemies. The rapid pace of the curse dictates constant interaction to capture and overcome the curve. Blood and a viscous mass of demons are exchanged for the most powerful upgrades from sellers from Hellside. Now just go ahead, kill heaps of creatures and do not feel sorry for them, because they are capable of anything.

More about the game

In late April, the release of an interesting cartoony indie game with a top view – The Weaponographist. The plot tells us about the inglorious fall of the glorious Doug McGrave, formerly known as the best demon hunter. One ridiculous meeting with a witch drastically changed the life of Doug – he was cursed. The fact is that the hunter refused to rid the city of Hellside from the demons tormenting him. Well, judge for yourself how you would respond to a request like: “Save our city, you dumbass!” Now Doug McGrave has not only fame, but everything else that could bring at least some joy. However, wait … The hero still has a reason for joy! He has a hope for the return of former glory and wealth. To do this, Doug McGrave will destroy many demons, exploring the dungeon after the dungeon. The point is that you need to act quickly and clearly. While the weapon in Doug’s hands interacts with the demons, the scale of his curse is waning. As soon as the hero is distracted or thoughtful, the scale will begin to grow again.

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