The Walking Evil

System requirements The Walking Evil

OS: Windows 7 8/10 x64
Processor: Intel CORE i5 and better
Memory: 8 GB
Video: Nvidia Geforce 820m or better
DirectX: 9.0c
Disk space: 16 GB



The Walking Evil

The Walking Evil game will give you the opportunity to go into the classic world of horrors with elements of a survival game, stylized as the 90s. The main characters are led through a game project thanks to a system of cameras that are built everywhere. This creates the impression of a real horror movie. In this game you will have to survive a lot of things: torture, solving puzzles, fighting terrible monsters that will force you to do everything to destroy them. Otherwise, you do not live.

The interesting storyline of The Walking Evil in the detective genre will be the best of those that you have ever met. Moreover, what is happening will immediately drag you in and keep you in constant tension. Gamers will have to become a detective named Daniel Robinson, who is investigating a series of murders. Events in the game begin from the moment when our detective begins to investigate the murder, which later turn into a series.

More about the game

So, you play the role of Detective Robinson, who was not involved in the study of cartoons in the research process. Everything in the game is made with increasing complexity. During the gameplay you will have to fight with the risen dead, bloodthirsty monsters, creepy creatures, mutants, huge ringleaders and other monsters. And believe me, the further you move along the game, the more terrible and gloomy the atmosphere around.

Our character is waiting for a new business and many enemies, dark terrain and terrible horrors that await at every turn. And there are no witnesses in this case, no fingerprints or other traces that could indicate the killer. After the first corpse was discovered, three more were found, three more people were brutally murdered. If you like such game projects, then we advise you to follow the specified link to our Internet portal and download The Walking Evil torrent there.

Story line

You will see a great game project, very exciting, with action elements. There will be a lot of blood, killings and shooting. But remember that the amount of resources you have is not unlimited. Throughout the game, you will gradually accumulate the amount of weapons in your arsenal, fight with terrible leaders and make important decisions. Because the finale of this story depends on your decisions. Yes, it can be noted that the game project The Walking Evil focuses more on the gaming atmosphere and, believe me, it is simply amazing. Gloomy tones, darkness everywhere, city streets full of monsters who are not alike and are waiting for their victims. And also strange shadows that even look like alive.

The authors of The Walking Evil have done everything possible to make this game have an amazing atmosphere. Moreover, the appearance of monsters also adds adrenaline. And also a battle with them! It’s just breathtaking! So, as you can see, an incredibly powerful surge of emotions and vivid impressions awaits you, as well as a fascinating storyline, incomprehensible horrors. Locations will constantly change, danger awaits you almost every turn. The decor is very well designed, and the presence of midtones adds atmospheric. In addition, it is worth noting the high-quality sound design, which is also an integral part of the original game world, which makes you constantly be in suspense from the first and last minutes of the game.

Game features

communication with the environment and attempts to learn how to drive a car;
the ability to end the game campaign of two completely different heroes;
opponents have tremendous power and in case of victory over them, you still have a battle with the leader;
a huge selection of weapons;
a lot of adrenaline, because what is happening will not be able to make you react calmly.

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