The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1

System requirements The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1:

Operating system: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
Video Card: TI or NVidia card w / 512 MB RAM
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s
Hard disk space: 2 GB


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The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1

We bring to your attention the full first season of the game Walking Dead for a personal computer from TellTaleGames. This computer game in the genre of interactive cinema with elements of adventure and quest will take you to the post-apocalyptic world of zombies, where the basic parameters of survival are cohesion, endurance and dedication. By launching The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1, you will receive all five episodes of the game, plus the sixth additional, which develops your favorite universe.

This season affects the beginning of a terrible epidemic, enslaving the entire United States. The main character is Lee Everett, a former English teacher, and now, by chance, the prisoner begins to fight for survival and takes custody of a little eight-year-old girl, Clementine. The project was based on comics, and not on the same series, which also originates from cartoon books.

Gameplay The Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1 uses the mechanics of point and click quest with some role-playing elements. Special enjoyment can be obtained from the set of regular quick time events that will bring true action to the game. The gameplay affects a completely different side of the coin, rather than games with a similar setting, here you should be worried about the emotions, experiences and character of the characters than fighting battles. Each of the locations is completely unique, which gives the game an adventure character. The player will need to treat each of his decisions responsibly, because the non-linearity of the choice will greatly affect the future gameplay.

The computer game The Walking Dead The Game – Season 1 offers you a different look at the original comic book from Robert Kirkman. After all, many believe that the series “Walking Dead” from the AMC channel lost its fuse with which its show began, because of what the situation decided to try to fix the brave guys from the studio Telltale Games and created their own series, which is different because here the player not just viewing the events, but also being a direct participant in the events, because he can change the development of the plot through the decisions he makes during the main storyline campaign.

This is a feature that will later become the highlight of all projects that went on. But critics agree in one thing that the first season of their version of the Walking Dead is the best thing they have done over the years. Because you believe in this story, because it is truly unpredictable and you get used to each of the characters that participate in the story.

And depending on how the protagonist Lee Everett will conduct himself, the attitude of the other characters to him, as well as decisions that will be made by them, depends. In addition, this story expands the universe of the original narrative, because it sheds light on what happened in the original narrative. But this does not prevent the Walking Dead: The Game – Season 1 from passing to those who are not familiar with the series or the comic. Because each newcomer will be smoothly introduced into the events.



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