The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR

System requirements The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better
Video card: GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 480 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 40 GB



The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR

Today we present you The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR game. The multi-faceted and versatile game was created by Skydance Interactive based on the license of the Walking Dead comic series by renowned author Robert Kirkman. Yes, yes, we are talking about those “real” dead, because the network has already filled the game options with a miserable parody of the real story.

More about the game

Download The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners torrent for free and start a story that unfolded a couple of years after the spread of a dangerous epidemic. The plot is known from the comics: a virus has spread, which turns the planet’s population into bloodthirsty decaying zombies. Frightened survivors gather in groups to try and survive in this zombie apocalypse. At the same time, dangerous enemies are not only rotting comrades, but also quite healthy other people-marauders who want to survive at absolutely any cost.

Story line

Your story in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR begins in New Orleans, where 2 factions of survivors have already gathered, opposing each other. Each of them imposes its own rules and sanctions in the city. The first faction “Tower” was taken under the wing of a certain “mother”. The second “Restored” came under the tutelage of Jean-Baptiste, quite charismatic and self-confident man. The city itself hides many secrets and dangers. If they come to the surface, then the fate of the conflict that has arisen can be completely revised.


Your character in The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR is a real diplomat who also fights for the survival of himself and his loved ones. You must either join one faction, fully trusting its leadership, or effectively and diplomatically interact with both. Also, your mission is to help other people who somehow wandered into the city. Personal selfishness can work too, but do you want to live in a world where marauders live?

Explore new locations inspired by the existing back streets of New Orleans. The single player campaign is structured in such a way that you look for and complete various quests. Every action, assistance provided or refusal affects the further course of the game. Intrigue is added by the ways in which tasks can be completed (and there are several to choose from).

The key point of The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR game is the confrontation with the enemies. During battles, you can use modern weapons and uniforms in an excellent assortment. All resources you will extract thanks to a high-quality crafting system. At the same time, it is possible to remove and add individual elements of weapons and devices, and their modification. To equip more powerful weapons, you will have to sweat, finding special and rare resources, as well as projects (blueprints) for their manufacture.

Well, if you find yourself in a trap completely unarmed, then you can use the environment and the objects found for your own protection. Everything is used: chairs, buckets, glass bottles, etc. And you can fight quite regularly. As a last resort, try bluffing, pointing an unloaded weapon with threats at the enemy (of course, this option will not work for stupid zombies).

Game features

Separately, it is necessary to consider the stealth system implemented in the game. If your strength is noticeably weaker than that of your opponent, then it makes sense to hide in advance, without provoking a fight. The developers of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners even provided a special camouflage, allowing the character to “merge” with the crowd of fetid corpses. The surprise effect can work for you. In order to avoid a chase or to attack the enemy profitably from above, you can use the world around you: climb walls, enter cars, climb ropes, etc.

An important advantage of the release is high-quality and efficient 3D graphics. Locations are made in sufficient detail, characters and their opponents are detailed.

Craziness, action and bloodthirst await you, so the faint of heart does not sit down at the keyboard!

On this page you can download the game The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners VR torrent free on a PC.



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