The Village Rewoked

System requirements The Village Rewoked:

OS: Windows Vista or later
Processor: CPU with 2 cores of 2.4 Ghz;
Video Card: DirectX11 | 1 GB VRAM
Disk Space: 7 GB



The Village Rewoked

For gamers who love games in the genre of horror and dynamic adventure, we want to offer to play in one very exciting and original project The Village Rewoked. Gather your thoughts and embark on an exciting adventure in which the developers have prepared a lot of interesting and interesting things for you. The creators managed an unusual game world, filled with various features and chips, and this allows each player to get a lot of pleasure and emotions. They will manage a member of the special squad, which was sent to one of the influential people in the villa. He has to save those who survived, and if he feels the danger – then just completely destroy it.

More about the game

As you may have guessed, the task will not be easy. You have to show dexterity, decisiveness and readiness for action, discovering various new fragments on your way and learning some secrets of history. Do not think that you will find a betrayal, a setup or some kind of trap. It will not happen. The fact is that something strange happens in this house, they cannot be left without attention and urgent action. It is necessary to act promptly, without delay, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to complete all the tasks assigned. Pay attention to your health, keep track of all changes in the environment, and remember that sometimes it’s safer to hide somewhere and wait out the danger than to grab hold of a weapon. To begin the passage, you need to download The Village Rewoked via torrent to PC for free.

Blind Games

One of the unusual features of this game project is the mechanics used to study locations. It is necessary to act in complete darkness, only occasionally a dim light will appear. As a guide, gamers can use a special device, thanks to which you can identify opponents and various objects in locations. At the same time, controlling the character and this device is quite difficult, because on your way there are various traps and distracting elements. So, the game promises to be curious. Can you handle this challenge? Try your hand at this project, but first you need to download The Village Rewoked torrent on your PC.

Game features

Each of your actions and decisions affects the outcome of the adventure. Do not be alarmed by the constant change of modes during the game, this is so conceived by the developers. Be careful, try not to make mistakes, because their consequences are unpredictable. Just enjoy the game with elements of horror and intense passing tests, and have fun.

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