The Universim

System requirements The Universim:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1
Hard Drive: 150 MB available space


The Universim

Crytivo Games is a studio led by Alexander Wallet and founded not so long ago in California in 2013. The Universim – the first grandiose brainchild of the company, thanks to funds from the sale of which, it began its work. What the developers have prepared for us – the first, a certain mix of Sim Sity and Civilization only in the expanded version, not only with large-scale megalopolises, combat battles and the latest technologies. An important and qualitative difference is the ability to colonize new planets and the ability to create entire cities with their help. If you are a true fan of strategies, then you should definitely download The Universim torrent from us.

More about the game

– The player is given the opportunity to feel like a real creator who creates one planet after another. How the society will turn out as a result of development is completely up to you. Here you have great opportunities – even to neutralize the danger that threatens the planet with extinction. When you begin to colonize your planet, be prepared to face many obstacles so that the population can exist normally – these are jumps – temperature drops, a small amount of water, a complete lack of atmosphere.

– Leading the planet is not an easy task, when you start everything from the Stone Age, you need special attention to research and science. You need to know and learn a lot, for example, how to make fire and protect yourself from predators with it, to master medicine and create medicines to withstand whole epidemics. You are responsible for everything that can threaten the planet and its inhabitants.

– The planet itself lives an independent life of its own – this is a change of seasons, weather, natural disasters in the form of storms and earthquakes that take people and entire houses along with them, meteorites fall, creating craters and much more.

– What follows the Stone Age is a mystery even to the creators. Anything can happen – wars begin, a terrible epidemic that takes lives, cataclysms and the appearance of aliens. One after another, your characters will inhabit the planets, but what lies ahead is always a mystery that needs to be solved.

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