The Thing

System requirements The Thing:

OC Windows: XP / Seven
Processor: 500 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Video card: 8 MB
Hard disk space: 290 MB


The Thing

At one time, the movie “The Thing” gained immense popularity among fans of horror films. Therefore, the guys from the Computer Artworks studio decided to continue the history of this picture by creating a computer game based on it called The Thing, the torrent of which we offer you to download on our website.

More about the game

According to the plot of the game, an alien creature enters the Earth in the area of ​​one of the stations located in the South Pole region. It is very aggressive, so very quickly this creature kills everyone who worked at the station. After the communication with the station is lost, the management begins to suspect that something terrible has happened there. Therefore, to clarify the situation, a US special forces detachment is sent there. But it turns out that even the military is unable to cope with this terrible creature.

Since she is able to take on any form, which makes hunting difficult to the point of impossibility. At the same time, the creature literally radiates an aura of fear and panic around itself, so very soon all the soldiers begin to slowly go crazy. Nobody knows where the blow might come from. Because even your best friend, whom you have known for years and with whom you have passed more than one hot spot, can turn out to be an enemy.

Story line

Do the soldiers have a chance to survive and complete their mission by slaying this nightmarish creature? Of course there is – for this you need to download The Thing torrent from our website and help the main character to carry out the order. But besides the monster itself, you will have no less dangerous enemies – this is a terrible Antarctic cold that can kill your character in a short time if he is outside the station. But you need to stop the alien at any cost – he has already proven that compassion and humanism are completely alien to him, and he kills just for the sake of entertainment, therefore he is capable of causing irreparable damage to humanity.

Recently, it has become popular to give a second life to well-known and previously released films, as was the case with The Thing. The Thing game is a full-fledged continuation of the film, especially considering that the same specialists who worked on the original film were involved in the work on it.

Game features

Although the plot of the first part was set back in the mid-1980s, like the shooting of the film itself, this does not detract from its dignity – fans of the horror genre deservedly believe that “The Thing” is one of the best horror films of all time. Therefore, the developers decided to continue the game from the moment when something destroyed all the personnel of the polar station and send a special forces detachment there, which will have to find out what happened to the polar explorers and who was responsible for their death.

It is you who will control a group of these fighters who have enormous combat experience – but, as the situation later will show, all this experience is worth nothing when you are opposed by a being of extraterrestrial intelligence, capable of taking any form for itself at will and bringing death to all people on Earth … Will you be able to defeat him?

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