The Story of Henry Bishop

System requirements The Story of Henry Bishop

OS: Windows 7 – 32 bit.
Processor: Intel i3.
Video card: 2GB Video RAM.
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 10560 MB.


The Story of Henry Bishop

Every person who lives a carefree life may one day become a participant in strange events. Today you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the story of a certain Henry Bishop, who worked as a realtor. The hero successfully sold real estate, sometimes he allowed himself to be deceived, until he encountered a rather strange order. He was offered to make good money if he explores the old mansion, takes some photos and returns. He agreed and as it turned out, he did it in vain. And what happened to him and how he survived, you will find out if you decide to download The Story of Henry Bishop torrent.

More about the game

As it turned out, the mansion he will be working with has been on sale for several years. This is doubtful and it was necessary to first check all the information, but Henry was too eager to make money. Therefore, he quickly packed up and went to this mysterious mansion. At first everything went well, he parked the car, loaded the camera, and almost entered the house. But then the light went out and he now has to find the switch, which will be intact. And then Henry will realize that he has ended up in a completely different world, but a mirror one, filled with monsters and dangers.

Story line

You have to help the main character deal with this problem and return to your world. The only thing he can do is use things from the house, carefully study the clues of past victims and try to find a way out. It’s time to face hell face to face, find out who is stronger and try not to die of fear. Are you ready for such an adventure? Then we suggest not to hesitate and download The Story of Henry Bishop via torrent for free. We wish you good luck!

Game features

– interesting story;
– the best manifestation of the horror genre;
– dangerous enemies;
– interesting puzzles;
– just one chance to escape.

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