The Simpsons Game

System requirements The Simpsons Game:

Windows OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Core i7-3770K HT 4300 Mhz
RAM: 4 Gb
Video Card: Radeon HD 6950
Hard disk space: 5 Gb



The Simpsons Game

A multiplayer game called The Simpsons Game, which we offer to download on our website, is developed in the genre of action and quest (search). It is a game that is built on the basis of the popular modern American animated series The Simpsons. It was released worldwide on November 2, 2007, and in North America earlier on October 31, 2007. They created it according to the original plot written by Matt Warburton, Tim Long and M. Zelman. EA developed, distributed and published. This is the twenty-third game in a series of games that are released on the basis of the eponymous series.

More about the game

In the city where the Simpson family lives, called Springfield, they brought a new, with a high level of violence and brutal game called Grand Theft. Bart, learning about this, buys the game. His mother, Marge, having met him on the street and learning about it, takes the game from his son. Bart, in frustrated feelings, begins to walk aimlessly around the city, when suddenly the instructions for this game called The Simpsons Game fall under his feet. After reading the instructions for the user of this game, he realizes that he began to possess supernatural abilities. His family, it turns out, also possesses them. Bart is in a hurry to share this discovery with his father Homer and sister Lisa. And they tell Marge about their aids.

Story line

The animated series “The Simpsons”, which created the eponymous game The Simpsons Game, hasn’t left TV screens for more than thirty years. The popularity of the series switched to a computer game. Previously, for gamers, there was a similar game, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, however, it became outdated quickly, did not correspond to the spirit of the series, rather existed on its own.

The developers of Electronic Arts have created a completely new engine that reproduces animated animations that are close to ideal. Recognition of this game is due not only to high-quality graphics and thoughtful gameplay, but also to an interesting storyline and some features that allow you to create full-fledged families in the game.

Game features

Management The Simpsons Game is configured to work together keyboard and mouse and gamepad. The most tuned emulator for low computer configurations, 20-30 fps. You can increase the FPS by going to Hardware mode with the F9 key, but in this mode there are no contour strokes. For whom the system requirements exceed the written ones – wait above 60. Due to the data from the above requirements, the game is three-dimensional, but it feels like painted.

More than thirty hours are allocated for you to complete this game. Several heroes are available, not only the Simpsons family, all the characters of the game found in the series. Each hero of the game has unique abilities. For example, Homer, can turn into a huge ball to quickly fly through the streets of the city.

Bart can become an analogue of the superhero Betman and soar in the air, to pass on any roofs of the city. Lisa can stun her enemies by playing the saxophone. Even if you do not like these funny yellow men, you should still download this game and go through all its levels. Story twists, in which many parodies of other games will please you.

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