The Secret World

System requirements The Secret World:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 3.0 GHz Quad Core Intel i5 / i7 or better.
3.4 GHz AMD Phenom 2 or better.
RAM: 4GB or higher
Video Card: Video: NVIDIA ™ Geforce GTX 460 or better
ATI ™ Radeon 5850 or better.
1024MB video memory
X8 or faster DVD drive
32 GB of free hard disk space.
Internet access during the game


The Secret World

For all RPG fans, we present an exciting and multiplayer game – The Secret World. Her developers are a talented studio from Norway – Funcom. The idea of ​​this project arose in 1997, but the creation process itself was not started until 2002. And finally, in 2012, many gamers were pleased with the novelty of the game world by The Secret World project, which you can download on our website using the torrent right now.

More about the game

The plot begins at the present time. At first glance, it seems that the world strongly resembles ours, but in truth, not everything is so simple. In it, along with familiar objects and ordinary people, magical power and various mystical monsters calmly exist. The role system is fundamentally different from all that we usually observed in the RPG genre. For example, in The Secret World, the level system and the classification of heroes are absolutely removed.


Improvements to the main characters are carried out using different outfit sets and abilities, which are divided into blocks: passive and active. The latter are direct impact skills, while the former have an indirect effect on active ones. The power of each player is not determined by the framework, but at the same time it is possible to use only 7 active or passive forces, which is a fairly convenient condition. Based on this, it becomes clear that the protagonist is exclusive and does not match the build. Earn points in battles or complete missions, and later you can spend them on unique skills. Remember that equipment increases the strength of certain skills, respectively, to the characteristics of the equipment.

The game has created three groups that fight among themselves:

– The Templars – belong to the religious community, and accordingly there are merciless and highly spiritual warriors. Initially, you might think that they are obsessed with their work, but this is not so. They derive their strength solely from faith;
– The Illuminati are the immediate antagonists of the Templars. They are ambitious and merciless fighters;
– Dragons – the so-called “gray cardinal.” They took the neutral side and are constantly between the two fires of the previous fractions.
– We can say that the game The Secret World, which you can download on our site using the torrent right now, is full of amazing events and unexpected twists.

On this page you can download the game The Secret World via torrent for free on PC.



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