The Prodigal Soul

System requirements The Prodigal Soul:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: core intel / AMD processor, 2GHz
Video Card: 1Gb
Disk Space: 7 GB


The Prodigal Soul

Stories from virtual worlds can sometimes be extremely dangerous and insightful. Today you can download The Prodigal Soul through a torrent and go to an unusual world that tells the story of Scott – a man who decided to skimp on moral principles and do things. By virtue of his profession, he decided to buy out a cheap building and drive out the little children of orphans who lost their only home. The little girl decided to make a difference and presented Scott with her favorite toy. True, this did not affect him in any way, so he did not change his mind. And as soon as he left the scene of a committed moral crime, strange things started to happen right away. At first he had an accident, and then faced with the horrors of the paranormal world that came to his liking.

More about the game

The gameplay The Prodigal Soul will be presented in first-person format, so you can study the world around you in detail, as well as report on your actions. At first it is necessary to investigate the scene of the accident, and only then to look for a shelter. If the protagonist knew that everything that happened was the result of a terrible curse, then they probably would never have stepped over morality again. But now it is impossible to return and change the past and he has to go through all the horrors of paranormal forces. And whether he survives or loses his mind, time will tell.

Game features

This game project The Prodigal Soul is a horror game that has an unusual decision making system. Each of your actions will be reflected in the subsequent development of the plot, any of your mistakes can lead to sad consequences, what can we say about the many additional elements of the game. You will definitely get the maximum pleasure from the game and enjoy every moment of the adventure. You only need to adapt to the conditions of the game and gradually move to victory. Good luck!

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