The Prison Experiment Battle Royale


System requirements The Prison Experiment Battle Royale

OS: Windows 10
Processor: i5 7400
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: Nvidia GTX 970
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 10 GB


The Prison Experiment Battle Royale

Free torrent download The Prison Experiment Battle Royale is a third-person battle royale shooter. A completely unique gaming experience and fresh gameplay mechanics await you. Choose one of five characters, each of which is adapted to a certain style of play, and go into dynamic battles.

More about the game

According to the plot of the game, at the Summer Heights Correctional Facility. The government is conducting horrific experiments on inmates. Since the number of inmates has grown significantly over time, the prison authorities decide to organize a battle between them as part of a psychological research called the “Prison Experiment”. The winner will be granted freedom, and therefore you will have to make every effort to defeat your opponents and stay alive!

The game features several modes, including the aforementioned Battle Royale, designed for 50 people. All of these modes are designed to provide maximum immersion in the atmosphere of the game!

Features of the game

Here are the elements familiar to this mode. At the beginning of the match, there are 50 players on the map, but only one of them will manage to hold out until the very final. Actively move around the location, because over time, the prison blocks are closed and you may well find yourself in a deadly trap, from which it is impossible to get out.

Prison Block King – This is the second game mode. In it 50 participants are divided into 5 sectors of the map. Each of these sectors has a separate competition, during which the winner is revealed, after which the five survivors move to the sixth location, where the final battle takes place. The winner of a given battle is declared the winner of the entire match.

Statistics – One of the reasons to download The Prison Experiment Battle Royale torrent for free is the presence of dedicated servers that store statistics about custom matches.

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