The Persistence

System requirements The Persistence:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5 4570 or better
Video card: GeForce GTX 750ti or better
Disk space: 5 GB



The Persistence

Space is again ready to show how dangerous and unpredictable it can be. We invite you to embark on the dangerous journey of The Persistence, where you have to take on the role of a space adventure safety specialist. This time, your superiors decided to send you on an unusual assignment as part of a repair team. Your task is to carefully examine the colonial starship, try to restore its functions and return to Earth on it.

More about the game

It seems that the task is as simple as possible, however, you will find out the details upon arrival. It turned out that the entire crew of the team was killed by strange creatures, and the starship itself became an experimental version with a macroeconomic structure that tends to change in certain periods. You have to adapt to such conditions and complete all the tasks.

Hazard printer

The main problem in this adventure will be that you have to fight the monsters that are created by the autonomous ship system. It turned out that someone accidentally put the wrong data into the printer of matter and now he creates different monsters. You need to get to it somehow and try to change the structure of production. True, you should not think that it will be easy, since you have to fight monsters and try to survive. Especially for such an occasion, you will have a weapon of power wound. Remember also the team, which can accidentally die. Don’t waste time and start using the ability to download The Persistence via torrent on your PC for free.

Random generation

Do not forget that the structure of the ship can constantly change. If you suddenly find an engine room in one place, then the next time you visit the same place, you may find a completely different compartment. You just need to download The Persistence torrent on your PC and just start performing all the tasks. We are confident that you will quickly adapt to all the conditions set and get the most out of the gameplay.

Game features

Just be careful and try not to risk it again. This task is much more dangerous than you imagine it. Are you ready to showcase your shooting skills and a confident adventurer? Will you meet all the expectations of your corporation? Then you can take up arms and try to repel the ship from the invasion of dangerous creatures. We wish you good luck!

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