The Perils of Man

System requirements The Perils of Man:

Operating System: Windows / 7/8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon X64 3400
Video card: GeForce GTX 470 / Radeon HD 5850 / Intel HD 4600 (DirectX: Version 11)
Hard disk space: 4.2 GB


The Perils of Man

Basically, adventure games are related to quests. The game we want to tell you about combines these two directions, and is also endowed with an interesting and fascinating story. The Perils of Man game is called, all users of our game resource can download it torrent. The game was developed by a company called IFGames GmbH. The creators paid special attention to each of the elements in the game, and worked out the plot and introduced many adventure elements into it. Your character will be a teenage girl. She will very quickly become an adult, find her dad, and cope with a lot of problems and barriers.

More about the game

If you compare the game with other modern quests, then there is no focus on weapons. The main thing to focus on is logic, patience. But it’s still worth taking weapons just in case, because it is not known what will await you throughout the trip. Your main character is called Anna Eberling, and you have to act in the modern world. She is an ordinary teenager, she is interested in new gadgets, new technological progress, and other such.

The girl’s father is a successful scientist, and he constantly opens up new developments. But in one moment something strange will happen. Here, players who like horror, a sense of danger, can find elements for themselves to their liking. We invite everyone to download The Perils of Man via torrent, using the services of our free game resource.


You are waiting for the most interesting and exciting journeys. The most interesting thing will begin at the moment when the heroine receives a letter from her father. After reading it, she will understand that his father disappeared. Instantly, she will turn into an adult teenager, decisive and courageous, and she will go in search of herself. You, as a player of The Perils of Man, will have to become the assistant of the girl, and become an assistant in the search for the missing father. Moving around the game, you can enjoy a very intricate plot, twisted, and full of different strange twists. There will be a lot of unexpected things.

Then the girl Anna will find information that will confirm the previous disappearances of her grandfather and great-grandfather, who were also scientists, successful and sensible. This will complicate the situation. You have to solve a huge number of puzzles, overcome various obstacles. You are given the opportunity to travel in time, visit different worlds, and find yourself in different places in a matter of seconds. You will witness very important scientific events, the discovery of new phenomena.

If you decide to download the game The Perils of Man through a torrent, you can plunge into this fascinating world, filled with unusual objects and phenomena. To do this, there is our game resource where you do not pay for downloaded files. You will find successful graphics, where all the surroundings and characters look bright and colorful. Sometimes the events in the game acquire the character of a thriller, as the situation will heat up as much as possible.

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