The Outer Worlds 2


System requirements The Outer Worlds 2

OS: Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-3225 or AMD Phenom II X6 1100T.
Video card: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti or AMD HD 7850.
Disk space: 40 GB

The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds 2 is an exciting action and shooter set in a fictional universe.

Journey to an incredible planet

Players will be able to go on an entertaining journey to a unique planet endowed with beautiful nature and amazing animals. In this sci-fi game, you have to solve various difficult tasks facing you. We are attaching players to download The Outer Worlds 2 torrent for free.

Unique gameplay

You will play the role of the main character. A passenger of a space station, who came to his senses after a cryosleep. But it turned out that the colony had long been taken over by humanity. The hero, with his partners, remained frozen for 70 years.

On Alcyone, the protagonist will be embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy. At the head of some factions, in the person of bandits and a corporation. To all science fiction lovers, we recommend this exciting game.

Main features of the game

There are two planets in the colony. On one, people can live in peace, and on the other, a wild world flourishes, with a threatening nature.
The ability to control game characters.

While exploring the colony, the participants will meet many characters willing to join you.
The board of directors of a large corporation runs a colony on the outskirts of the galaxy called Alcyone.
The user can change the course of events and determine the further development, In this role-playing game,

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