The Mooseman

System requirements The Mooseman:

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1 Ghz
Video Card: 500 MB
Disk space: 600 Mb


The Mooseman

A game called The Mooseman can’t be boring, right? Well, the fact that she will be unusual is for sure. You have to control the Human-bearer, possessing unusual abilities – he sees something that is not accessible to the ordinary person. Thanks to this gift, your character will solve even the most difficult puzzles. The game world in which to act was created by the powerful god En. It was created from the shell of a duck’s egg, and was divided into three parts – top, middle, bottom. The lower world is inhabited by ancient spirits, the middle – by people. At the top live the ancient gods. Your task is to complete all three worlds, in each of which unusual and fascinating stories await players.

More about the game

The ancient myths game The Mooseman will immerse you in a fascinating and mysterious world. The game project was developed by Perm creators. Many years ago, God Yong created a unique world, and used for this shell from duck eggs. At the depths of the vast ocean appeared its lower part, in the middle it was decided to settle people, but the top of this world is intended for the living of the gods. The entire population holds certain secrets that you as a player have to solve. Search for artifacts, solve puzzles and look for answers to riddles.

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